A beacon of light

06-01-2022 Mohd Irfan 0 comments

Oftentimes we hear the stories of university, they speak to topics such as partying, being independent, hard work but ultimately a ton of fun.

For the most part, these messages can be true, but it misconstrues the entire experience because it disregards the level of stress that comes with school. The long hours, the difficulty of the courses and the balancing of mental health.

These experiences are usually tough to handle, but then you meet people like Mohd Moeed (DIT '20); an individual who is kind and cares. Moeed inspires me to be that beacon of light for people when they’re shuffling through their darkness and toils of the real world. A friendly face who has a hand extended out before one is even asked for. That’s exactly how we met; through the Avid Alumni Association. Moeed reached out to me and my friends to help involve us in one of the many joys of the campus. From there, memories flowed. He guided me through university with the knowledge from her experiences and well after I graduated; from sending me job postings to totally reconstructing my LinkedIn. Moeed is a light that inspires.


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